Entry #1

Wannabe Grom here on Newgrounds!!

2013-09-07 15:06:56 by Denticulus

I remember when this website was brand new, Cartoon Joe and his Frog-in-the-Blender was all the craze. Now I want to be a contributor, slowly digitizing my artwork, looking to improve my drawing style, and all thanks to Jazza who runs the "Draw with Jazza" on YouTube. <a>http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHu2KNu6TtJ0p4hpSW7Yv7Q<a>

I'm new to using computers more than just web surfing, coughFacebookcough, and a few web comics.

I like surfing and want to move to Hawaii.... :D

Thanks to you guys making it a vibrant community and I look forward to sharing and learning from all of you!!

(anybody in Calgary, AB Canada?)


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