Flaming Skull

2013-11-09 11:26:30 by Denticulus

Submission for Jazza's Contest of the Month is up. A couple of firefighters battling a flaming skull. I wanted to add another firefighter telling a group of Paladins and other WoW type characters that the firefighters got this one.

I've been loving working on my Wacom Bamboo tablet. If I keep this up, I might have to upgrade. Comments on my latest piece would be appreciated but I have to be scouted first. Guess I'd better get a couple more pics up soon. I have a couple ideas including a personalized Ironman outfit that I remember from a dream I had a couple of days ago. It was silver and black with a small pack on the back and a helmet much like the Halo: Reach character Emile where it was all glass. Provides a cool HUD option. So of course I'm perusing all the Halo helmet pics online to get a good perspective for drawing.

May you have blue skies, green lights, and good swells to ride


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2013-11-16 10:20:51

Reminds me of the skull from Castlevania. Nice work!

Denticulus responds: