Next piece of art...

2013-11-29 13:55:47 by Denticulus

Well, here's the next one. It's my favourite plane, the Fairchild Republic A10 Thunderbolt aka "Warthog". Another piece of work that I've digitally downloaded and touched up to make even more awesome. Thanks again to Jazza for his helpful video tutorials to make this work better. Look for it in my profile.

I did find a couple more of my drawings that I'm eager to scan and touch up. It's going to take a while but hoepfully it will impress and inspire :)


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2013-11-30 09:42:47

Jazza's tutorials are so helpful! :3

Denticulus responds:

I know! If it wasn't for those videos I'd still be floundering around with stick men on the computer screen :D